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Mindfulness           Sharon Cohen MFT, RYT

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Sharon Cohen MFT, RYT practitioner at the Methow Valley Wellness Center

Tapping into the heart’s natural capacity for healing, love, and wisdom.

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 Mindfulness Practitioner  Sharon Cohen offers free group meditation sessions or receive private Mindfulness-Based Counseling.


Sharon is 30-year practitioner of meditation, passionate about the potential of mindfulness-based practices to help individuals cultivate new perspectives through a lens of self-compassion.  


In a compassionate and confidential atmosphere, private sessions are an opportunity to tap into the intelligence of your own heart and mind. 


She shares techniques to improve sleep, reduce anxiety and depression, and lessen medical symptoms, including chronic pain.  


As well, mindfulness offers  perspectives based on traditional teachings,  contemporary research and psychology to explore issues that arise in times of transition,  with neurodivergence, health challenges, personal growth and relationships.  She believes that mindfulness is for everyone, sessions are affordable and groups are freely offered.

Education and Experience

*!990 - Present    Personal meditation practice
*2011 - Present   Private mindfulness coaching, Methow Valley Wellness Center
*2012 - Present   Guiding teacher for meditation groups, classes and annual retreats
*2018   Mindfulness and Trauma Training,   Engaged Mindfulness Institute
*2013 One-month retreat at the Forest Refuge with Joseph Goldstein
*2012   Completed 200 hours yoga teacher training, RYT
*2011   Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction  Training with Jon Kabat-Zinn
*1999-2013   Retreat manager for DaeJa Napier, Castle Rock WA
*2005   BA Minor, Psychology,  Washington State University
*1989   MFA, Maryland Institute for the Arts, Baltimore
*1984   BA,  Fine Art Major, Art History Minor,  Central Washington University



Outline drawing of a sunflower

Sitting down with Sharon to share my inner thoughts and challenges is like having a warm cup of tea followed by a foot rub.  I have been going to Sharon for mindfulness coaching/therapy on and off for the past eight years and have found the sessions extremely helpful in relieving stress, directing my energy to positive outcomes, and assisting in my relationships. Sharon's calm, directive, and intuitive demeanor makes me feel comfortable and supported in every session. The best part of each visit is the 10-minute individualized meditation at the end. After 45 minutes of talking, Sharon can magically summarize everything we covered and lead me through a guided meditation that helps me feel calm and focused at the end of the session. I frequently walk into her office with a tight chest and heavy heart and leave feeling calmer and able to breathe again.  I find myself thinking about little tidbits Sharon says to me weeks and months after our sessions and those tidbits help me remember how to breathe more fully and slow down in my life.

Outline drawing of a sunflower

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer and started the process of treatment, I reached out to Sharon for support. She was very embracing and ready to lean into why I wanted her assistance. She was validating and honoring of where I was. It felt so good to hear her acknowledge how big this is in my life right now. To really be heard.  She affirmed where I was and helped me come to terms with the reality of my treatment, recovery, living with and accepting the fact that I have cancer, and also the reality of death. We covered many areas that I felt concern or fear about. The time that we spent felt connected, open, and safe.  I would recommend Sharon to anyone needing support through life changes and difficult times.

Outline drawing of a sunflower

I have had the pleasure of working with Sharon personally.  I have also referred clients from my counseling practice to her for several years.  Sharon is a knowledgeable, dedicated, and compassionate teacher who helps her students feel safe and at ease.  Mindfulness practice has a grounding and soothing effect which has made a tremendous impact on my life.  It helps me to keep a more balanced and positive perspective and to navigate life's challenges with more ease.  The ability to pause and be present to what is happening both internally for me as well as with others helps me to respond more compassionately and with less reactivity.  Professionally I have witnessed clients with varied mental health challenges, from depression and anxiety. to impulsivity and mood regulation, benefit greatly from mindfulness training with Sharon.  I would recommend Sharon as a mindfulness teacher without reservation and would recommend that everyone, regardless of age or circumstance learn this important tool


Mindfulness Meditation 

every Friday at 4 PM

Meditation followed by Dharma Talk 


Transformative Holistic Services 

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