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Your Journey to Wellness Begins Here


Whether seeking a serene getaway or a comprehensive healing experience, the

Methow Valley Wellness Center

welcomes you to embark on a journey toward rejuvenation and recovery.



Discover your path to holistic good health by reserving lodging or services with us today.

Accommodations for Travelers to the Methow


If you are traveling to the Methow Valley for health support, life transition, or adventure, reserve one of our seven cozy 2-BR homes for a few days, a few weeks, or more. The seven cabins and the Wellness Center are on the same property, so you're never far from services and care. 

Map of the vacation rental cabins at Sunflower Resort

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our wellness-focused Sunflower Resort and the Methow Valley Wellness Center are right on the ski/bike trail and just 10 minutes walk from all the most interesting landmarks in the historic Western town of Winthrop WA.


In the downtown district, you'll find boutique shops, galleries, an independent bookstore, and bike and ski rental storesWinthrop has some delectable bistros, a brewery restaurant, a health-conscious downtown eatery, the oldest saloon in WA state, several bakeries and cafes, and an ice cream and candy shop that is the best small-town people-watching spot anywhere. 


In the Winthrop South region, home of the Sunflower Resort and MV Wellness Center, we have a state-of-the-art municipal library, a beautiful new avant-garde movie theater, and our uber-active ice skate and hockey rink

View of the Methow Valley
The Sunflower Resort Logo

The 70 Mile Long Methow Valley


The North Cascades Highway 20 is a national scenic byway and is on the famed Cascade Loop. The beautiful highway passes through the remote and glaciated North Cascades National Park and the towering pines and open fields surrounding the town of Mazama.  It then winds southeast through the shrub-steppe region encircling the town of the western 1900s-restored Winthrop, and just 10 miles further, through the ever-artsy and evolving town of Twisp. 


The entire Methow Valley is extraordinarily beautiful and open.  The skies are some of the darkest in the world. Take a deep breath and imagine new possibilities for yourself.

Transformative Holistic Services 

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