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Naturopathy             Dr. Sierra Breitbeil ND

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Dr. Sierra Breitbeil

Dr. Sierra is a veteran of naturopathic healing, and, as the valley's longest-practicing physician, has earned immense trust.  She and her husband Michael founded the Methow Valley Wellness Center in 1997 and the Sunflower Resort in 2024. 


She functions as medical director for the Wellness Center, helping both locals, Methow visitors, and those staying at the on-site Sunflower Resort, to form a holistic plan for healing and recovery.   


Dr. Sierra's expertise encompasses many complex medical issues, blending conventional and holistic approaches. She is a supportive bridge between Western diagnosis and treatment, and a diverse array of natural methods to rebuild emotional, physical, and spiritual resiliency.


She listens thoughtfully, is open-minded, and values lifelong learning and education. She brings her almost three decades of experience to whatever health challenges her patients are facing. 

Her healing specialties:

Sincer 2010 Dr. Sierra has treated both members of a couple who are having difficulty conceiving a child, with a comprehensive approach that builds the couple's health, while simultaneously providing the in-office service specialty of fresh media preparation and expertly timed IUI.   Couples coming from other locales are invited to reserve housing at the on-site Sunflower Resort, for ease in accessing all the support options that exist onsite, whether acupuncture, massage, meditation, yoga, or esthetic services. 

She provides support for those facing cancer, utilizing an approach that honors the individual, not just the condition.  She offers in-office intravenous vitamin C sessions paired with far infrared hyperthermic treatment.  These services are especially helpful to those recovering from surgery or chemo/immunotherapy.  

Dr. Sierra specializes in treating cardiovascular disorders including congestive heart, heart rhythm disturbances,  high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.  


Her generously lengthy (1 to 1.5-hour treatments) hands-on assessment and treatment of degenerative/injured joints and musculoskeletal tissues are exceptional.  Sierra uniquely enjoys the quiet hands-on time spent with her patients, which often has the feeling of a deeply spiritual "reboot," as well as a very practical assessment and pain/discomfort alleviating treatment. 

Her dedication to patients includes cannabis referrals for managing pain and other health issues, but she also prescribes appropriately using NSAIDS, muscle relaxants, etc.  


She treats all female hormonal challenges, such as pre-, peri, and post-menopause.  She assesses and treats the low testosterone of her male patients, utilizing exogenous testosterone. She pairs this with strategies to maintain one's hormonal output, with the patient's end goal as the focus. 


In almost all instances, in her treatment of both genders, she uses bio-identical testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, etc. rather than their synthetic counterparts.  Each treatment is entirely individualized based on a myriad of concerns such as muscle mass, bone density, sexual activity, reproductive concern, personal cancer and family cancer risk, and individual hormonal production.  


Dr. Sierra is particularly concerned with the health of the diet, digestion, and elimination.  She functions as a nutritionist, and functional gastrointestinal practitioner in this realm, with great attention to crafting, and revising, diets that will help her patients be well.  She is a master at discerning the link between skin problems, autoimmune diseases, and diet.  She is 100% devoted to a healthy and explorative relationship with food, including the greatest time-saving strategies to eat well.     

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Sierra uses her bodywork, and massage skills, along with her natural empathy to bring a unique combination of assessment, physical relief, and healing.   Sierra's unique blend of medically intuitive bodywork and massage is suffused with spiritually integrating light touch methods.  She is one of very few naturopathic physicians with a hands-on healing approach.  

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Education and Experience

  • From 2019-2024 Sierra and Michael built Sunflower Resort to be on-site lodging and for ease of access to MVWC offerings.

  • Methow Valley Wellness Center, founded in 1997, has been continuously operating all this time.

  • Sierra is a graduate of Bastyr University for Doctorate in Naturopathy, Seattle 1997.

  • She is a graduate of Brown University for B.Sc. of Biology 1991.

  • Sierra strongly supports WA state Naturopaths, schools and all of their associations

  • She has ongoing experiences attending psychology, physical, spiritual, and mind-body learning events, 1997 to the present. 

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When you see all five star reviews you might think “well they just got all their friends to write them a great review.” Well I do consider Dr. Sierra to be a friend, but she did not ask me to write this review. She is by far the best doctor in the valley. She listens to your concerns thoroughly, and discusses the options for treatment or prevention. She takes a holistic approach and uses natural medicines whenever possible, but is not afraid to go the prescription route when necessary. Most importantly she treats you like a person, responds promptly and directly to emails, and when you call, either she or her husband answers the phone, and you don’t get the runaround like you do everywhere else!

- Aaron Studen
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Dr. SIerra takes the time to listen, discusses options and ideas, and think things through rather than rushing to conclusions and to get on to the next patient. She is always willing to listen to patient ideas and to consider new knowledge, and she clearly reads and thinks a lot about medicine and what does and does not work. Her approach is holistic and supportive, and we always appreciate her follow-up to make sure things are going well, or to course-correct, if necessary. These are just some of the reasons Dr. Sierra has been our primary medical provider for over 15 years.


-Leigh Ann Robinson

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Dr. Sierra and the other practitioners in the Methow Valley Wellness Center have been instrumental in our family's journey toward wholeness. She has taken great care and patience with our family to ensure that each adult and child has a well-articulated healthcare plan. Her perspective is well-informed on both preventative and mainstream medicine. We are so grateful to be able to work with such a knowledgeable and patient medical professional who cares about our family!

 -Kristopher Gray

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