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Professional Naturalist          David Lukas 

Outline drawing of a sunflower

“No one will protect what they don’t care about; and no one

will care about what they have never experienced. If people lose knowledge, sympathy and understanding of the natural world, they’re going to mistreat it and will not ask their politicians to care for it.”   David Attenborough

Be outside, walk, talk, and meet new friends, observing the natural world, and learning the secrets of the valley's finest places with David as your guide. 


Consider scheduling a guided adventure for your party or group. 

Whether you are a native, newcomer, or visitor, participating in one of David’s guided walks will help you understand and appreciate the full sweep of this remarkable landscape from mountain peak to valley floor. 


His weekly guide to the Methow Valley's changing seasons can be found at, and his exploration of fascinating nature topics can be found at

David's background: 

From a very early age, David began to closely observe plants and animals, and to study field guides and scientific journals.  As a youth, David joined an active group of young scientists and biologists who explored the wild landscapes of Oregon early on at the coast.  He learned to set up experiments and investigations, and would often be seen at the research lab at the Portland Museum of Science and Industry.  


He traveled and worked on scientific field projects all over the western United States and around the world. While working on one Harvard research team in Borneo, David began to write.  He enjoyed both traveling and the intellectually rigorous project of recording his observations, conclusions, and questions.  During his mid-20s, he began to work with the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, Gary Snyder.  This meeting and work inspired him to return to Reed College to pursue his bachelor's degree in writing.

David currently has led thousands of classes, tours, walks, workshops, and lectures, all around the world. 


He has written more than 300 articles for newspapers, including a weekly column in the Los Angeles Times newspaper, and magazine articles for the Audubon, Orion, and BBC Wildlife.  He has also contributed chapters to a wide range of travel books for the Lonely Planet.

He is an author of seven books, including two very popular guidebooks to birds, called Bay Area Birds and Sierra Nevada Birds. 



Outline drawing of a sunflower

David Lukas is a western North American naturalist bird specialist who has turned his ingenious mind to the English language and its always evolving possibilities.”


--- Gary Snyder review of his book Language Making Nature

Outline drawing of a sunflower

I have read every single newsletter and have enjoyed them all. I like that they are bite-sized and break things down in a very accessible way…I love the photographs and illustrations, but most of all I love the way your passion and excitement come through.

- Betsy B. Feedback on Lukas Guides newsletter.

Image by Steve Carter

Reconnect with Nature

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