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Life Coaching             Sonja Carson

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Sonja Carson | Life Coaching Services | Methow Valley Wellness Center

Sonja Carson's life journey is one marked by a mix of personal and professional ups and downs.  In her own life, she has sought guidance from mentors in diverse industries like the military, banking, academia, nonprofits, and technology.  During this same time as she was being mentored, she simultaneously coached persons from a diverse set of fields who needed both personal and professional support.   


In 1988, after returning from extensive backpacking-style, international travel, she entered the recruiting arena by founding Berkana International, a retained search firm focusing on technology.  Berkana's mission was 'Growth of the individual. Clarity of purpose.' She and her team worked with top CEOs, recruiting talent pivotal to today's technologies.  Specifically, she worked in recruiting talent to 'hard-to-fill' positions in industry-leading companies such as Microsoft, HP, Adobe, McCaw,, Nynex, and The Seattle Times.

Throughout her experiences, Sonja pursued certifications in life-affirming courses such as Mastery of Context Training and Mastery of Paradox Management.

"I'm taking all of my years of consulting in the technical industry, adding all my continuing education and my life experience, to do what I love the most" to work with individuals from all walks of life to support them in reaching their highest potential."


Sonja's work is in helping individuals and groups be balanced and resilient.  She offers a unique combination of education, skills, and life wisdom to support those who are looking for the best path forward.  With an ability to listen deeply and sincerely, and to offer unconditional regard and respect, she is motivated to assist her clients in becoming all they can be.  

Education and Experience

  • 2015 to present:          

  • 1988-2007: Berkana International.  Founded and led this retained recruiting firm in the technology sector.  Counseled, coached, and advised leaders across industries.

  • 1972-1978 Double BA in Literature, University of Washington 

  • Numerous certifications in health, management, leadership, and personal development

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You have been such a blessing and encouragement to me on my journey.


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Sonja is a compassionate and observant friend and community member. She has been my go-to person for wisdom and insight because of her vast life experience and because she is an excellent listener and offers sage advice when asked. I can trust her to keep our conversations confidential. 

-Dawn Woodruff

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Thanks to you I feel I have the tools I need to progress in my life.


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