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 Nature Walks            Rob King 

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Guided Nature Walks offered by Rob King

In order to set up a guided walk with a local Methow Valley nature-lover, contact Rob King from the "contacts" page, or via the below button if you have outlook. 

Rob grew up in the Chicago area & and departed for Washington State in 1980. The beauty and diversity of his new home were astonishing and life-changing.  He began a lifelong passion for exploring the outdoors through hiking, climbing, skiing, and kayaking.  Rob loves meeting new people and sharing his passion for being out and about in nature.


His easy 2-hour-long nature walks offer him the opportunity to share his love of Methow Valley’s unique wildlife, forest diversity, geology, and history.  He is always developing knowledge of this treasured area he feels lucky to call his home.


The Walks

The below walks offer a few possibilities for a light excursion:


Big Valley Trail is a walk along the Methow River, beginning seven miles west of Winthrop. It is a beloved and completely level walk of five to seven kilometers and is ideal for sighting wildflowers, the riparian ecology, and the geologic formations of the Methow River. On a snowy winter day, the preserved tracks add the curious activity of determining the source. It is a beginner snowshoer or track skier's best option for a first-time out experience on a level trail. 


The 60-million-year-old Pipestone Canyon, up the Bear Creek drainage, is located less than ten miles northeast of Winthrop.  The canyon has a unique geologic formation of hoodoos in the steep canyon walls, formed from an ice age release of damned waters of the Chewuch River.  Wildlife spotting opportunities include the colorful tanager that nest here in the spring, along with other birds, and mule deer making their way through the fields before the canyon narrows.  There is a unique and beautiful combination of open lands, wetlands, canyon, and Doug Fir woods in this all-total four-mile gently down-and-back two-hour walk. 


Pearrygin Lake Loop trail offers spectacular mountain views to the west and south, aquatic birds, and a chance to cool off with a dip in the lake via a sandy beach on a hot day from a little-known ingress more often accessed by locals.  The Pearrygin State Park is a gem of a state park and will have all wishing to plan camping, fishing, and boating experiences for the future. 


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I've known Rob for 35 years; we will celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary this year.  I've been on many hikes and backpacks with my husband and he remains my favorite hiking companion. Rob's love for Washington State and knowledge of our environment will keep the adult hikers informed and engaged while his mischievous nature and his funny "Dad" jokes will keep the children happy and captivated.  He is a conscientious and sympathetic person who is always there to help and advise others. Speaking of advice:  I advise you to go on a hike with Rob, enjoy the beauty of our state, learn about its geography and history and have a thoroughly enjoyable day!


- Rob's wife, Jacki King

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I've covered many miles and feet of elevation with Rob.  Rob has always been a delightful outdoors buddy, full of interesting stories, facts about nature, amusing anecdotes, and historical tidbits.  An outing with Rob is always a fun and wonderful adventure.

- Craig

Rob has accompanied my kids and I on many hikes throughout Washington state. Time spent with Rob in the mountains is always well spent. He generously shares his outdoor knowledge, while keeping you entertained with funny stories. Rob has a natural talent for connecting with people from all walks of life and ages. With a big heart for both nature and people, Rob brings out the best in everyone wherever he goes.

-Dr. Archer Atkins

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I grew up with a dad that was incredibly passionate about the outdoors, I can’t remember a weekend when I was little that didn’t involve some type of fun adventure! From taking me out sledding in the mountains, to exploring the forest, or just going to the local park to see what nature we could spot around us.  It has been so fun to see him taking my two boys out now on their own adventures- usually on a “bear hunt” and watching them experience the same magic I did when I was growing up.

- Rob's daughter, Tara Donovan


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